News: THIEF release second video single ‚Teenage Satanist‘

News: THIEF release second video single ‚Teenage Satanist‘

📁 News 🕔06.Juli 2021
News: THIEF release second video single ‚Teenage Satanist‘

THIEF have revealed the second disturbing and enigmatic video for the track ‚Teenage Satanist‘ as the second single taken from their forthcoming album „The 16 Deaths of My Master“, which is scheduled for release on August 27, 2021. The Californian experimental electronic project of multi-instrumentalist Dylan Neal has previously released cover art, tracklist.

THIEF comment: „The song ‚Teenage Satanist‘ paints a portrait of the artist as a young inebriated creature“, mastermind Dylan Neal delivers a hint to the riddle. „Deviation his sword and contrarian his shield, he fell upon that, which he wielded and thus blamed the Lord. In the video a creature cavorts inside a church that no one owns. Filmed in a strange orthodox church deep in the barren desert, they have no members or congregation, but still hold evening vespers.“

1. Underking
2. Bootleg Blood
3. Teenage Satanist
4. Scorpion Mother
5. Fire in the Land of Endless Rain
6. Gorelord
7. Apple Eaters
8. Night Spikes
9. Victim Stage Left
10. Wing Clipper
11. Grave Dirt
12. Lover Boy
13. Crestfaller
14. Life Clipper
15. Cannibalism
16. Seance for Eight Oscillators

Quelle/Copyright: Prophecy Productions

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