News: MANTAR – eine EP in Sicht!!!

Wie MANTAR via Facebook vermelden, arbeiten sie gerade an einer neuen EP, ich zitiere: „As most of you are

News: MANTAR – eine EP in Sicht!!!

Wie MANTAR via Facebook vermelden, arbeiten sie gerade an einer neuen EP, ich zitiere:

As most of you are probably worried beyond limits about us and all your other favorite hobbies out there, we thought it is on time to give you a quick update from Camp Mantar. The last few weeks have been kinda crazy. Just as for all of you as well. Anyways: WE RECORDED A BRAND NEW EP!!! 
Which by the way totally rules as the material is not our own (!) So if you always hated MANTAR, which is actually pretty much impossible, there is a chance that you’ll think we sound good for the first time ever as we basically stole other bands‘ music and made it our own. Trust us: It slays!

Also the EP that was supposed to come out in June is of course postponed to some time later this year. We hope it won´t be too long. It’s a matter of heart as this baby will be released via our very own label MANTARECORDINGS aka INDEPENDENT MAJOR LABEL. Stay tuned. Also you please better buy that sucker as we invested all our money in that label/producing process! Most of it was recorded in Hanno’s living room which makes it punk as fuck.

PUNK!? Anyone remember that? That means stop crying and start acting! That means go out there (please don’t go out there!) and start something! It is about NOT being a victim and about helping each other out. (!)
So PLEASE everybody… We don’t bitch. We are not much, but we still are MANTAR. Which still feels kinda good. With or with our money. (Feels better WITH it though).

Actually Hanno just had arrived to Germany two weeks ago to shoot a bunch of music videos for the EP but had to return on super short notice within 24 hours because the USA (where he lives his humble rockstar life in Florida) decided to close its borders. So no videos. No fun. Damn son, we had some great shit planned. Well, well… If you wanna make a badass mantar video without us playing a role in it please hit us up. It better fucking rule though.

Also due to the actual situation we had to cancel our plans for the US tour we had lined up for April. As well as some other stuff. We hope the dates can be postponed and rescheduled somehow. This all sucks so hard as we were looking forward to these shows a lot. Besides that the financial loss hits us hard. Mainly as we invested an INSANE amount of money in a work visa for Erinc which was pretty much “frozen” these days (after we paid in full) as the US government does not work on work visas till “further notice”. Plus all the flights… and this and that….blablabla. But we know:
You heard all the stories a million times on all social media already. Pretty much from ALL bands. So don´t you worry, we are not asking for money. You are probably just as fucked as we are ourselves. This situation sucks for everyone. As stupid as it sounds: we are in this together. So before you spend your money on us, ask your friends, enemies, neighbors, siblings, parents or whoever if you can help out with a few simple things. Believe it or not, there a more people out there than you would think that are left with pretty much nothing after just a few weeks… people with ANY kind of jobs. Or no jobs at all.
If you have money left after that spend it on all the artists out there you love. Which hopefully make this world a better place. Art is important. These days maybe more than ever. Also save some money to spend in your favorite bars! Which hopefully still exist once all this is over… Either or, we have a lot merch and records left that we will sell for cheap son. Not because we think we are in need more than you are right now, but because that is what we always did. Cool? Cool!

Many of you have been asking why there are no Euro tour dates for 2020. Well, the answer is that we decided last year to NOT play any European shows and festivals in 2020. Easy as that. That´s why seeing all our other plans and shows we had for other areas of the world go to shit hurts extra. But as it looks right now there will be quite a bunch of bands out there who will not play any tours ANYWHERE soon… So..bummer. But we will do what we always did: We are gonna do our very best to entertain you the best we can. Put out new music, goof around and KILLDESTROYANDFUCKSHITUP. You know the drill!

Yours truly, Hanno + Erinc.

Quelle: MantarBandcamp/Facebook!!!