Dawn of Disease – new album „Ascension Gate“ Aug. 2017

Dawn of Disease – new album „Ascension Gate“ Aug. 2017

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Dawn of Disease  – new album „Ascension Gate“ Aug. 2017



Since 2003 DAWN OF DISEASE have rumbled their way to the top as heavy weights of Germany’s Death Metal scene. Hailing from Osnabrück, DAWN OF DISEASE indulge some old school Swedish groove and raspy riffs: Bloodbath and At The Gates provide modern inspiration for aural inclinations of the band. However, their newest production won’t enjoy the well-tried manginess of long forgotten Death Metal days: The brand new album titled ‚Ascension Gate‘ goes a different way with enthralling guitar work, enchanting management of melodies and brilliant tone. A hurricane of blastbeat drumming and the gigantic voice of Tomasz Wisniewski spark a fire that forges their spirit.
Now DAWN OF DISEASE unveil first and hotly anticipated details about their upcoming and fourth studio album ‚Ascension Gate‘, which is set to be released on August 11st 2017 with Napalm Records!

Quelle: @apostasyrecords.com/Napalm Rec.

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